10 Most Common Uses of Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most common elements available. This metal’s versatility and abundance make it essential for dozens of applications across a range of industries. Aluminum is lightweight, inexpensive to obtain and highly durable.

From construction to transportation to the automotive industry, aluminum has cemented itself as a core component in industries everywhere. As one of the most reliable, cost-effective metals around, aluminum is vital to many operations. Let’s look at some of the most common aluminum uses and what makes it work so well in these areas.

1. Electronic Devices

As electronic devices become more integrated into our lives every day, they need to withstand frequent use, travel and strain. The affordability and strength of aluminum make it easy to use in manufacturing without sacrificing product durability.

Some electronic devices that contain aluminum include:

  • Flat screen TVs
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Laptops

2. Aircraft

Aluminum is often used in aircraft components. Its unique properties — high corrosion resistance, flexibility and excellent strength-to-weight ratio — make it well-suited to aircraft needs.

Aluminum’s high strength-to-weight ratio means less material is used to build aircraft components without sacrificing strength — planes can carry more and achieve greater fuel efficiency with aluminum than steel. Additionally, its corrosion resistance makes it safe for the considerable weathering and strain aircraft endure.

3. Power Lines

Aluminum’s light weight makes it a better material for power lines than copper. While copper is more conductive than aluminum, aluminum is much more lightweight and less expensive. It’s a more cost-effective material, allowing power lines to cost and weigh less while still transporting equivalent amounts of power.

4. Kitchen Foil

While kitchen foil seems less impactful at first glance than power grids and aircraft components, it’s one of the most common uses for aluminum foil. Aluminum foil has become a staple in kitchens everywhere thanks to its nontoxic, flexible construction. Its multi-use nature makes it invaluable in the kitchen.

Beyond aluminum foil, aluminum is used in many pots and pans. Because it’s easy to clean and rust-resistant, aluminum-based cookware is great for cooking and holds up to years of wear during cooking.

5. Spacecraft

Aluminum works well in aircraft, but spacecraft takes it one step further. The same corrosive-resistant, strength-to-weight-ratio and ductility factors that make aluminum work in aircraft also make it excellent for spacecraft components.

Spacecraft need to be as light and reliable as possible to ensure the safety and success of the mission. Aluminum alloys are used to craft essential spacecraft components like windows, engines and support structures. Aluminum alloys can resist the extreme heat and cold that spacecraft are put through in space.

6. Buildings

High-rise buildings and skyscrapers commonly use aluminum to achieve stable constructions at impossible heights. Once again, aluminum’s high strength-to-weight ratio makes it invaluable for projects that require lots of strength without heavy material. Aluminum is used over steel for these large buildings, as steel would make the structures much heavier, require deeper foundations and increase construction costs.

Aluminum’s malleability and durability are two more reasons a large amount of aluminum is used in construction. It’s convenient to work with, easy to obtain and can withstand the extreme wear building structures take.

7. Furniture

Aluminum is abundant, affordable, malleable and strong, making it a great material to use in furniture. Additionally, aluminum’s sleek appearance adds a sophisticated, modern look to any piece.

It’s now used to make all kinds of furniture for homes and offices. Homeowners can purchase sturdy aluminum pieces that will impress without breaking the bank.

Some furniture pieces aluminum is used in include:

  • Picture frames
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Lamps
  • Decorative panels
  • Sculptures

8. Appliances

Furniture isn’t the only area in the home where aluminum is used — it’s also found in many appliances. Consumer dishwashers, refrigerators, dryers and other useful appliances all use aluminum in their frames.

Aluminum’s unique characteristics allow it to assist in efficient cooling processes, which is essential for quality refrigeration and freezing. Aluminum can safely handle the strength and energy requirements of household appliances with ease.

9. Cars

The automotive industry has transitioned from other, heavier metals to aluminum in many car models. Both luxury and standard vehicles use aluminum components and frames to improve fuel efficiency, costs and safety.

Aluminum’s availability makes it ideal for cars — it’s cheaper to get and allows manufacturers to produce cars within an affordable price range for customers. Additionally, aluminum’s light weight and high strength mean cars can become faster and more fuel efficient without sacrificing safety.

10. Trains

Traditionally, trains were made from steel and iron. Aluminum has replaced these metals as a core component of trains. Aluminum allows trains to travel at higher speeds while maintaining the same durability as steel and iron. Also, aluminum is easier to form and light, reducing the work it takes to create trains and send them across the country.

Another benefit of aluminum is its conductivity. Aluminum alloy is becoming more popular for cables than copper. It withstands the corrosion and wear cables deal with without the weight and expense of copper.

How Do You Use Aluminum Every Day?

Aluminum is found throughout materials in everyday life. Its versatility and durability make it indispensable across dozens of industries and numerous products. Offering many notable and unique benefits, aluminum allows us to make, transport and enjoy limitless goods and services worldwide.

With numerous industries and products relying on aluminum, only the best aluminum design services must be used to create these essential components. High-quality aluminum design allows industries to use expertly-crafted aluminum products to run their operations smoothly. From power cables and trains to utensils and cookware, aluminum’s unique properties have contributed to its extensive integration into our lives.

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