What Makes Us Green?

We are a leader in recycled content; all Pennex products contain over 80% recycled material, and the U.S. DOE recognizes Pennex as an ‘Energy Champion’ for energy conservation efforts. Pennex was employing environmentally sound practices in our business – reduction, recovery, and re-use of materials – long before “green” was fashionable! Our customers count on us to help them do the same.

We are continually working to improve our sustainable practices. As members of the Aluminum Association, we at Pennex believe Chairman Kevin Anton sums it up well: “Aluminum produced from scrap uses only 5% of the energy that primary aluminum does. For example; in automobiles, aluminum reduces vehicle weight and increases mileage and performance without compromising safety. Increasing what is already a solid record of operating efficiency will further leverage aluminum’s benefits to our customers and to society.”

aluminum sustainability