I love our wellness challenges.  Bigger Loser especially seems to incite a healthy competition between all four plants, which benefits many.  I completed the challenge each year.  While I haven’t come close to winning, I am proud of the level of seriousness our champs take to reach weight loss goals.

This year Maintain Don’t Gain was a bigger help to me than I expected.  Several employees managed to keep the pounds off despite the stresses of work and life.  Like many, I find that most of my energy is spent not doing regular exercise.  Even more so, when I do try to fit in a workout, I get tired or bored before I ever “feel the burn.”

It is a pleasure to see the number of Fitbits counting steps as employees walk through the plants.  This device helps track my steps, heart rate, and sleep count, by syncing to my phone.  With the new walking challenge it is easier than ever to meet the walking goals just by pushing a button.  I find it really helpful to look at my steps for the day then determine how much time I need to devote to conventional workouts before seeing that 10K in steps.

For those of us without a company issued Fitbit, there are several other less expensive brands that do the same thing including one from GNC.  Smartphones have apps that will calculate your steps from the comfort of a pants pocket.

These devices are extremely helpful to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but are not a replacement for the benefits of a good diet.  The Rainbow Challenge, in the GBS portal, is available to track the fruits and vegetables one consumes in a day.  Fitness gurus will tell you the blend of diet and exercise is the only secret to maintain or lose the pounds.

by Jera Daye