As we start our Housekeeping/6S initiative this year, Press A  and B are getting cleaned up.  The Housekeeping team is laying some groundwork and extrusion is working on making headway by cleaning and painting.  Press A is being led by Myron O’Gilbert and Gil Palomino.  Gil and several others have been working over the weekends to clean and shine the cooling table arms, paint the stretcher bed, wipe down walls, wipe down the stretcher are just a few of those tasks.  Press B led by Bob Roosa has started at the tail stretcher end and has cleaned and painted the cooling table area, the puller guards, other guards, etc.
I want to thank all that have spent their time to get us off to a great start.  There is a lot of cleaning yet to be done as we are making plans to 6S the various areas.

by Jeff Kelly