Pennex continues its journey up the mountain. As presented in the safety kickoff meeting, Pennex continues to implement the principles of the MEC Safety System. Working on our third year of implementation, Pennex has shown tremendous improvements in safety, injury reduction and employee involvement.  We can never stop improving.

With that in mind, I thought of a recent email from Rick Merluzzi. In it, he talked about “practices that have become normalized over the years” or perhaps the way an employee was trained. Over the years, practices that were developed may not be the safest way of performing work. This includes short cuts to rush the job along or minimize the loss of production, or using the wrong tools when the right ones aren’t available.

Challenging the process is one of the 5 pillars of leadership. Ask the hard questions. Are we doing the work in the safest possible way or are we just doing it the way it has always been done?  Is there a better way of doing the job or different tools that can be used? Should a procedure or process change be made?

Having a positive attitude and drive to push for a better tomorrow will allow Pennex to achieve our vision of being injury free company.

Over the past three years, I am proud of the number of Pennex colleagues who stepped up to take on leadership roles to make Pennex a safer place to work. As discussed in the safety kickoff meeting this year, Pennex will continue the implementation of SafeStart. We trained over 30 employees in the program concepts so they can teach others.  SafeStart training will begin in June for Wellsville and Leetonia. York and Greenville will continue their training with the Extended Application Units.

One of the unique aspects of SafeStart is how it extends beyond work and to share the concepts with families. The concepts promote ownership and living safety every day.

Our team believes SafeStart can help take us to another level in terms of protecting our colleagues from injuries at work and home!  Safety- Own it, Live It!