Everything is moving along rapidly in Leetonia. Since my last writing in August we moved into our new office building. This brought back a sense of normalcy allowing for efficient communication between departments. We also experienced some personnel changes in the maintenance department. As we said goodbye to some we welcomed John Staley, Robert Warnick, Jeff Kinemond and to the Pennex family and recruiting two more positions.

Here is a brief recap of improvements the maintenance team made over the last couple of months:

  • Upgrade of the Danieli Press C PLC program- led by George Tacey with help from Winkle/Rockwell Automation and Premier Integration. This upgrade included installing a new press control panel (HMI) for the press operator which instilled a sense of comfort knowing we can support it if we have issues.
  • Installation of several lift tables
  • Modification of the trigger cell staging baskets
  • Inventory and staging of new parts for press D
  • Replacement of age oven B entry and exit shafts
  • Motor mount plate and bearings
  • Installation of lasers on Press C billet heaters. The lasers determine if there is an alignment issue, enabling us to stop loading billets before damage to the heater assemblies occurs.

The maintenance crew worked hard to learn the new press line and fabrication department equipment. Each piece of equipment has planned maintenance actions. The coming year will be busy as another shift starts on Press D and fabrication department runs 24/7. The maintenance crew will attend training to enhance technical experience to better support the new equipment and production teams.

I personally want to thank the crew for all of the hard work and dedication to support the production teams to meet customer demands. Until next time, Good Day!

By Dan Reece