With every new year, we experience change. Some change we embrace, others we resist. Regardless of our reactions, change will come. Some of the changes we will experience this year represent uncertainty, like a new President for Pennex. Other changes are certain and planned, and we can look forward to them as opportunities.

One major area of change is the manner in which our Wellness Program is administered. We heard the concerns about waiting until the final quarter to receive credits for the high deductible. In 2016, we made it easier for employees to achieve all the deductible credits in the first quarter. This is a positive change.

Healthy Solutions changed the way our physical activity is tracked. We will now offer an opportunity for employees and their spouses to receive a free Fit Bit. The steps are simple: 1) Complete your biometrics, 2) Complete your online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and 3) Discuss your results with a Health Coach. All of this must be completed no later than March 31, 2016 to qualify for a free Fit Bit.

Another important change that will be initiated in 2016 is the way we conduct job bids. Our job bids will be moved to ADP. Employees will log into ADP, click on “Myself,” then click on “Talent” and “Career Center.” They will be able to view all of the positions that are available. When you select the position you are interested in, you just click apply and complete the application. This will help us track all applications and is a necessary opportunity for improvement.

Lastly, Pennex implemented Healthy Rewards which can be found on the GBS website. When you or a family member needs a medical procedure, log onto the website and look up the procedure and your location. The site will direct you to all of the participating providers.  If you select the more affordable provider, the plan will send you a check. That’s right, based on your choice to minimize cost; you will save on your deductible and receive a check as a reward.

There will be many more changes in the coming year. The best changes are the ones that are communicated clearly. If you need more information on the changes listed above, please contact a member of the HR Team.

By Jeremy Molison