The ways we conduct our business goes a long way in determining our level of success. “Core Values” bring a specific set of beliefs and operating principles that we all share. These values act as a beacon which guides our ways and helps us set aspirational goals. They are a reflection of our internal conduct and a model for how we want to grow our company.

Looking back at the past 40 years of success, the MEC Executive Leadership Team identified four values that will guide the organization to even greater success in the future: SAFETY, INTEGRITY, RESPECT and DRIVE.

I know that core values have been part of the success of Pennex for many years and indeed it was those values that formed the basis for us to refine into the four values for the entire MEC family of companies. By each of us truly integrating these values into our individual belief system, it will make Pennex and the entire MEC community stronger and more secure.

Our SAFETY and well-being is of critical importance. Without it we cannot enjoy a quality of life. We all know that we must compete hard in our business so we can retain and win over customers. Our competitiveness is indeed critical to our security and success. However, we can and must do that in a way that never compromises our safety and well-being. Not only do we have the responsibility to look out for one another at work, but we fundamentally believe that we have a responsibility to positively influence the safety and well-being of our families, friends, neighborhoods and communities.

We must honor our work, and work with honor. As individuals and as a company, we will never thrive without INTEGRITY. One’s reputation is paramount, and we must never do anything to tarnish it. It is simple; we must always just be honest. Do what you know is right, even if no one is looking. We can only achieve our success with honor!

RESPECT is closely related to integrity, but it’s important to identify it as its own pillar. Respect is about how we deal with one another. Perhaps the Golden Rule applies best: treat others as you would like to be treated. Too often we focus on differences and disagreements. We have more in common than we may think, and we need to use that common ground to enable our working relationships to be the most positive and productive. By working with a baseline of respect for those around us, it’s easier to see other’s perspectives and for us to move forward as a team rather than just as individuals.

Lastly, our business operates in a very competitive world. DRIVE is more critical to our success now than ever before. Our drive is the intensity to compete, to accomplish what we set out to do in our jobs, to take care of our customers, to learn, to grow and to exceed the expectations of those around us.

In the coming year and for years to come, it is a clear expectation that these “Core Values” are integral to the way we conduct ourselves as part of the MEC family. They are imbedded in our vision for success. With SAFETY, INTEGRITY, RESPECT and DRIVE as our foothold, guiding our daily actions, MEC and Pennex will grow and flourish “the right way.”

By Rick Merluzzi