Wellsville and Greenville Cast Houses participated in a friendly competition in 2015. The prize up for grabs was a trophy that would remain in the winning Cast House for a year. A scoreboard in each location displayed monthly key indices for the business including: safety, on time delivery, pounds shipped against the plan, molten metal cost, cost to produce and more.

We didn’t want a store bought trophy to represent the Cast House so ideas were solicited in early 2015. Matt Ritchey and Jason McDade found two very old banders while cleaning the grounds near the old oil tank. They came into my office with the idea to create a “Stanley Cup” trophy using slices of each diameter billet and the banders crossing in the front of the slices. Over the course of several months Matt gathered the different size billet and by fall we sent it to steel fabricator, Big B for the final assembly. Big B generously donated its time and materials as a thank you for the work Pennex gives them. The finished trophy is full of creativity and came out better than imagined.

The race for the trophy was tight until September. Wellsville did as planned or exceeded goals in safety, molten metal cost and cost to produce. After four strong final months, Wellsville won the trophy. The trophy will sit in Wellsville’s Cast House in 2016. Competition is already underway for the next winner. Good Luck to both sides and I look forward to an exciting year! Recipe for victory- win the day, win the week, win the month-win the year!

By Harry Dillman